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1. What kind of research focuses on describing a population, often emphasizing the frequency with which something occurs or the extent to which two variables are related?






2. A restaurant has installed microphones at its tables to secretly record customer reactions to menu items so that the restaurant owner can know which entrees to raise prices on. Under which method of ethical reasoning is this approach considered ethical?




All of these methods are correct.

It would not be considered ethical under any ethical reasoning framework.

3. The marketing manager at Widgets R Us became aware that a leading competitor was conducting an extensive customer survey. Somewhat alarmed, this manager directed the marketing staff to construct and administer a customer survey immediately. What phase of the Marketing Research Process has this manager likely skipped?

Data Capture

Research Configuration

Information Reporting

Problem Definition

Data Analysis

4. A product manager is eager to develop a new product idea. To gain approval to do so, the product manager orders the research team to survey a small group of customers that have been briefed on the product concept already and who reacted favorably to it. This type of research effort is known as


advocacy research.

product research.

consumer research.

focus group research.

5. Which of the following is NOT considered a demographic?

a. Sex

b. Lifestyle

c. Occupation

d. Income

Reference no: EM132184496

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