What kind of questions it attempts to answer

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Question: Options being arts & music or literature or religious studies or history or philosophy

Short writing assignment due: Choose one of the five branches of humanities (from the image above) that you feel more interested about, do some on-line research about it and write a 3 page summary of your research that includes: -An explanation of the scope and extent of that branch: what is it about? What kind of questions it attempts to answer answers (if applicable)? What is its purpose? How is it divided? Etc. -Name and describe the accomplishments of 3 prominent figures in that field at the present time. -An explanation of what exposure (if any) you have had with that field, why are you interested in it, and what questions you hope it may help you answer.

Reference no: EM132184115

Write and save the message into a document

Brainstorm and decide how to send a message to your former boss on his last day at the company (memo? letter? text? phone call?). You will need to think about what you want

Explain the significance of the literature

Write an essay to a group or individual you believe would benefit from the lesson of that literature.  In your letter, summarize what happened in the selections of literature,

Other main factors that account for misuse of funds

Cite concrete evidence that supports the assertion that much assistance to developing countries is simply stolen by officials. Determine other main factors that account for

From the e-activity, examine some of the steps

From the e-Activity, examine some of the steps that are involved in designing goods and services. Select two services or two products that are currently on the market. Use E

Violation of the digital millennium copyright act

What things do you need to find out from him and if you are allowing file sharing on this game, does this open you up to liability for violation of the Digital Millennium Cop

Several issues of your newspaper for all of the information

Web research, look up the following stocks: Ford, General Electric, Intel, and Microsoft. Then answer the following questions for each stock. You might have to refer to severa

State the ongoing moral development

Many critics claim that this portion of the book stops the ongoing moral development that Huck has had to undergo during the course of the novel and he becomes a side charac

How the information may relate to or be useful

How it relates to a topic covered in this class? How the information may relate to or be useful in a potential hospitality career setting that you may see yourself in sometim


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