What kind of headaches might project manager create for dba

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Read the following: "DBA to Project Management,"


"Project Management for DBAs and Developers,"


You can also look through:


How do you think that the work/activities of a DBA and a project manager are related? What kind of headaches might a project manager create for a DBA?

What kind of headaches might a DBA create for a project manager? What do you think of the relative importance of technical and business skills for these two types of positions?

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The paper is about what exactly is the difference of role between a database administrator and a project manager and how they are inter connected to each other’s role. It also talks about the roles and responsibilities of each of them and the way that they can create problems for each other. The paper also brings to light who needs which kind of skills in terms of business and technical skills. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office and is of 540 words.

Reference no: EM131085403

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