What key goals of a successful ethics training program
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Prepare a written report incorporating the answers to the questions below.  Do not just answer each of the questions but rather create a flowing report that tells the story of whether or not Monsanto today has an effective ethics program and is managing and controlling this ethics program.


What minimum requirements for ethics and compliance programs do you identify as Monsanto having implemented?

If Monsanto has developed and implemented a code of ethics, explain what steps leadership has taken towards this goal.

What key goals of a successful ethics training program do you find Monsanto pursuing, if any?

What practices, if any, has Monsanto implemented to improve organizational risk management?

If Monsanto has implemented the framework for an ethics audit, describe the actions the leadership has taken in this implementation.

What roles and functions of risk, management, and compliance do you identify when reviewing Monsanto? 

Does Monsanto have global support for its products and services?

How would you define the ethical leadership of Monsanto? (This is the CEO and top leadership positions?

Note: Each of the tables listed above contain a lot of information.  In your paper, address only those items that apply to Monsanto's current programs.  Also, address those items that you believe could or should be applicable to Monsanto's current programs.

Suggestion: First, separately answer each of the questions above, and then prepare your written report telling the story of whether or not Monsanto today has an effective ethics program and is managing and controlling this ethics program.  


Your written work will be evaluated based on the criteria above and on the following elements of writing, listed in order of importance: 

Focus: Concentration or emphasis on a subject or objective. May be addressed in the following terms: objectives of assignment, thesis, argument, main point, central theme, conclusions, or recommendations.

Development: Support and/or elaboration of the focus. May include: explanation, description, analysis, narrative, exploration, use of source material or data, or discussion of methodology.

Organization: Coherent order and grouping of material. May be addressed in the following terms: overarching structure, paragraph structure, or use of transitions.

Style: Tone conveyed toward material and/or audience. May be addressed in the following terms: word choice, sentence structure, voice, or persona.

Conventions: Adherence to standards of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and APA discipline-specific rules of formatting and citation.

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