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HIV Among Homless Youths

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Think about a common strategy used to address the public health issue of HIV among homeless youths. What key components of Health Belief Model (HBM) and/or Social Cognitive Theory (SCT)are used in the strategy to effect positive behavior change? Be sure to discuss at least two components and give specific examples. Does the strategy promote self-efficacy? Why or Why not?

In your response posts, offer additional components to my classmates' public health issue below:

Dental caries and dental care for children in underserved communities

Children of lower socioeconomic communities experience more dental caries and more complications of caries, such as dental abscesses than children of middle and higher socioeconomic communities.1 Therefore a common strategy that is used is promotion for healthy teeth and gums. Education is the key component to help people understand the effects of dental caries on the child suffering and should the education begin early; this would promote perceived benefits. By helping the child and the parent understand the benefits of oral healthcare and teaching them how to do it properly, establishes a learned behavior.

The American Dental Association has a program called "Give Kids A Smile" (GKAS), since it was established in 2003 more than five million underserved children have received free oral health services over the last 13 years.2 This program and many like it offer care and education to those that need it and cannot afford it. These programs such as GKAS and "Mission of Mercy"(MOM) enter into lower economic communities and provide free care and education. 3 These two projects, along with many others, help promote self-efficacy by education, taking away financial barriers and entering into their communities and being available for them.

Perceived susceptibility- The child/parents belief about actually getting oral health disease. Such as, if they do not floss and brush properly, visit the dentist regularly, and eat healthy they will get oral health disease.

Perceived benefits- The child/parents beliefs that if they follow the recommended suggestions that they will have healthy teeth and gums.

Perceived barriers- Barriers dissuade or stop the beneficial behavior. The child/parents barriers could be financial constraints, fear, or accessibility to a qualified dentist.

Perceived self-efficacy- The child/parents beliefs that they have the correct homecare information and have the ability to perform it at home or the ability to take the child to the dentist even if one is not in their community.

Perceived severity- The child/parents beliefs to oral health disease and the complications due to it; pain and other heath conditions.


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Reference no: EM131294596

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