What issue-topic is the article addressing

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Pick an article concerning project life cycle from a reputable source.

The purpose of this assignment is to do in-depth research on the topic.


The object of your critiqueis to describe and analyze the issues in the article. The following outline should be followed.

The article should be summarized three or four paragraphs. Start the paper by clearly identifying the article title and author. You will need to answer, but are not limit to, the following questions:

- What issue/topic is the article addressing-
- Who is potentially affected by the issue/topic-
- In your opinion, was the article well written- Why, or why not-


The Article Review should be no more than two pages in length. The research article should not be more than five years old and should be two or more pages long. Follow APA format. Use inline quotes and include all references.

Reference no: EM13252507

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