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Marketing Plan

Develop a preliminary/basic marketing plan for SolarCity.

The following elements must be included in your paper.

1. Executive Summary/Abstract
a. Summarize plan in a few paragraphs
b. Include positioning statement (For [insert Target Market], the [insert Brand] is the [insert Point of Differentiation] among all [insert Frame of Reference] because [insert Reason to Believe].)

2. Overview of company
a. Mission statement - Use company's mission statement
b. Product/service description
c. Competitors
d. SWOT Analysis

3. Market Segment
a. Identify the primary and secondary target markets.
b. Provide rationale for selection

4. 4 Ps, Branding strategy
a. Clearly identify product and/or service
b. Price strategy
i. What is your pricing strategy-penetration, skimming, competition, cost plus, etc.
ii. Rationale for your selected strategy.
1. Fixed/variable costs
2. Competition
3. Target group and willingness to pay
iii. Selected strategy's relationship to market positioning.
c. Place (Distribution) Plan
i. What is your strategy in determining how and where the consumer buys your
d. Advertising and Sales Promotion Plan
i. How are you going to reach your target market?
ii. Advertising
iii. Which media will be most effective?
iv. Will you use social media?
v. What types of sales promotion strategies will you employ?
1. Free samples, coupons, product demonstrations, etc.
e. Develop a branding strategy that covers brand name, logo, and slogan.

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Reference no: EM13900019

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