What is your philosophy in terms of quality and image

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Question: The following bullet items should be 4-5 sentences and include sub-titles for each item.

Develop and write your own personal mission statement. Be clear about your passion, values, goals, and philosophies. Once you have your mission statement articulated, explain how it:

. Expresses your image of yourself.

. Expresses your values and philosophies.

. Identifies what you have to offer.

Explain how your mission statement answers the following questions:

. What are your economic goals?

. What is your philosophy in terms of quality and image?

. What are your core competencies and competitive advantages?

. What "customers" do you serve best?

. How do you view your responsibilities to those who rely on you?

. Does there always have to be a trade-off between company philosophy and the goals of sustainability, profitability, and growth? Why, or why not?

. What are the hallmarks of an effective and robust mission statement?

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Reference no: EM13849168

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