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Is it important for a company to listen to customer feedback, especially when it's about pricing? Or, is it best to continue with what you believe are competitive prices and not worry about the negative comments?

Can you recall here a well-established brand (or one not so well known) and its positioning statement? What does their product or service offer and what main benefit does it provide better than the competition?

What is your opinion of customer service? Is this something only marketing or the customer service department should emphasize, or is customer service something that should be a priority with everyone in the organization?

Have you ever had a similar experience? If so, what did you do? What recommendations do you have for Lowe's? What measures can they put into place so that an experience such as mine does not happen again?

Do agree that everyone in any organization who has direct interaction with customers needs to have effective customer service skills? If so, why do some big box retailers, for example, with scores consistently low on customer service, still thrive?

Can you share any examples here of other failed products that were perhaps introduced too soon? Or, perhaps the marketer did not do an effective job of communicating the benefits of the new product. Please share some specifics here and offer your opinion on how the company could have improved their effort.

The initial return on investment with the Old Spice ad campaign was unfortunate. Sometimes mass attention does not always equal mass product sales. If you were working in the Old Spice marketing department today, what would you have done to transform all of that valuable publicity and interest into sales?

Reference no: EM13872540

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