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1. Some hospitality managers emphasize skills and experience when hiring new employees, while others choose employees based on the candidates' personality and attitude. It would likely be best to chime employees that are viewed positively on all of these traits, but if you had to select a new staff bawd on fewer than all of these traits, which do you feel is most important? Explain your answer.

2. In many hospitality organizations, physical attractiveness is unquestionably a factor used to select employees in such positions as front-of-the-house food servers and hotel front desk agents. What is your opinion of the advisability and legality of utilizing such a hiring factor? Explain your answer.

3. Many employers simply refuse to answer any questions about the prior employment status of individuals who previously worked for them. What, if any, legal or ethical responsibility does a past employer have to provide information about a previous employee? Defend your position.

Reference no: EM13798507

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