What is your next step in completing your proposal project

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Write answer under each question

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Research Topics in Educational Administration

Meeting with Your Advisor

1. When did the meeting occur?

2. How long did the meeting last?

3. What important issues did you and your advisor discuss regarding your research proposal?

4. In what ways was your proposal modified or enhanced by the discussion with your advisor?

5. What plans do you have to keep your advisor informed about your research?

6. What is your next step in completing your proposal and research project?

Dear use information below to help you answer questions, please use an academic words and way to answer question

• Some issues I discussed with my adviser regarding to my research proposal are below:

o Research questions, I must work more in it. I must take hypotheses points under question# 2 out and omit them

o I have to contact author who create survey and take permeation from her to extend scales to 6 columns instead of 4

o I have to work on my methodology part, regarding to the survey it will be mix method not a quantitative

o References, I have to be put three chapters together and work carefully in it

• Please answer question# 4 from your opinion

• I discussed this with my adviser what I should work in it through the Christmas break, I planned to meet with her again on the beginning of Spring 2019

o She welcoming to contact her through email If I have any question during the Christmas break

• I am planning to work more in my three chapters until is be ready for first dissertation. I am planning to be in the end of February 2019

Reference no: EM132184204

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