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Assignment 1: Power & Politics in Your Dream Job

Conduct one informational interview with a person who is either currently in a position that you aspire to, or is qualified to speak about the political environment that surrounds it.

Write a 2-3 pages report about what you have learned about the political and power dynamics of your dream job in the interview.

Questions your report should cover include:

  • What is your dream job?
  • Is the person that you interviewed currently working in your dream job? Or does he or she know enough about it to talk to you about it?
  • Why did you choose the person that you interviewed?
  • What are the power dynamics of their job?
  • How would you describe the political environment that surrounds their job?
  • How do they achieve their goals? Do they think it is easy or difficult to achieve their goals? Why?
  • How do they influence their bosses? Subordinates? Colleagues?
  • How important are relationships in the job that they are doing?
  • Do you think the interviewee's background, job and/or experience might have shaped their views about their job's political dynamics?
  • What advice can they give you for being successful if you were in their place?
  • What are the main insights that you gained from the interview?
  • What sources of power and influence will you require to be successful in your future job?
  • What is your plan for developing the sources of power and influence skills necessary to be effective in your future job?
  • 10% of the total assignment grade will be deducted for each day (calendar day) that the assignment is late.
  • Assignments submitted one week after the due date will not be accepted

Reference no: EM13864098

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