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Question - Assume your income over the last year was $50,000, grows at 10% for 30 years, and that it is a relatively risky job so a 5% discount rate is warranted (this is still considered bond-like risk/returns). Also, assume that you will have $200,000 saved by the end of 10 years, with the return on your investment of 12% per year since you invest in all equities. What is your allocation to equity today considering your financial and human capital?






Reference no: EM132184017

Why a bonds interest rate risk is related to its maturity

Describe how and why a bond's interest rate risk is related to its maturity.- Explain why municipal bonds can offer lower interest rates than equally risky corporate bonds.

Recommendation without an additional piece of information

Suppose your manager presents you with the following information about machines that could be used for a job, and wants your recommendation on which one to choose. The speci

Approximate bond modified duration

Consider a 30-year corporate bond paying 8 percent semi-annual coupon. The current yield to maturity is 10 percent. Find the approximate bond's modified duration by using ch

Difference between deflation and disinflation

1. Why is a high rate of inflation bad for the economy? 2. Right now, our economy is going through what phase of the business cycle? How do you know this

What will the bonds sell for today

Giant Electronics is issuing 20-year bonds that will pay coupons semiannually. The coupon rate on this bond is 7.8 percent. If the market rate for such bonds is 7 percent, w

What are the percentage changes in value when the yield goes

Given a five-year, 8% coupon bond with a face value of $1,000 and coupon payments made annually, determine its values given it is trading at the following yields: 8%, 6%, an

What is the firm price-earnings ratio

A firm has net income of $198,500 and total equity of 1.15 million. There are 220,000 shares of sock outstanding at a price per share of $14.80. What is the firm's price- ea

What are the corresponding indirect quotes for euros

Euro bid and ask prices on the Japanese yen are quoted direct in Paris at 0.007634/¥ Bid and 0.007643/¥ Ask. What are the corresponding indirect quotes for euros?


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