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What is yield management? Why does yield management often result in ticket price increases as one gets closer to the flight date even though the airline runs the risk of some seats going empty?

Reference no: EM131112402

Events influence GDP

How do the following events influence GDP? Each of five mothers living in a neighborhood takes care of her pre-school child in her own home. The mothers share the childcare wo

Combinations of labor and capital for three levels of output

The production engineers at Impact Industries have derived the optimal combinations of labor and capital. These are the only two inputs used by Impact. The following chart sho

At what price is the euilibrium price

Starting at the demand price $3.00 the demand quantities are 60,70,80,90,100. At what price is the euilibrium price? At what price does suplus occur? at how many large?

Minimum wage warps the equilibrium point

It is generally accepted among economists that minimum wage warps the equilibrium point between the supply and demand of labor by instituting price floor and increases unemplo

If the price of labor is constant and firm experiences

If the price of labor is constant and a firm experiences diminishing marginal product, then its. When a bank or Bank like institution borrows from individuals or firms with ex

About the net present value

Chris is renting a house, and it does not have a refrigerator. A refrigerator is worth $3 every day because Chris will eat out less. Chris has a discount rate of 18%. Refriger

Life-cycle hypothesis

Dave and Christy both follow the life-cycle hypothesis: they smooth consumption as much as possible. They each live for five periods, the last two of which are retirement. Her

What is the long-run equilibrium price in this industry

The global propylene industry is perfectly competitive and each producer has the marginal cost function MC=40-12q+q2. The corresponding average cost function is AC=40-6q+ 1/3q


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