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What is transcription? Describe the process of transcription. Where does it occur? What enzyme(s) are involved? What is the product(s)? How does it happen? When does it happen?

Reference no: EM131052139

How many pairs of electrons are stripped from substrate

How many high-energy triphosphates are formed by substratelevel phosphorylation during each turn of the TCA cycle (consider the TCA cycle reactions only)? How many are forme

Explain the role of pyruvate and adp

Why is oxygen not consumed in the presence of ADP alone, but the opposite results with the addition of pyruvate? In your answer, explain the role of pyruvate and ADP during

Create a program to find numbers

A positive intreger is scalled a perfect number if it is equal to sum of all of it is positive divisons, excluding itself. For example, six is 1st perfect number, because 6=3+

Brief history of the social origin of the product

Brief history of the social origin of the product. Description of how the product was made, including microbes involved and fermentation products. Health benefits associated w

Write about your reaction and impression of watching movie

Either watch "Secret of nihm" or "Guardians of Galaxy" and then write about your reaction, thoughts, impression of watching the movie and your feedback. More than one page l

Why does the child not display the mutant phenotype

Both loci for a gene from a parent who has a mutant phenotype and his normal child indicate they are both heterozygous with the same alleles. Why does the child not display

Explain the role of bone in calcium homeostasis

Judy's femur and tibia showed signs of osteoporosis. How do you think an osteoporotic bone would differ on an x-ray compared to a healthy bone? In one paragraph, explain the

Examine the neuromuscular interactions

Examine the neuromuscular interactions that are responsible for this situation. How do the nerves, muscles, bones, and joints interact in making this hand sign in a way that


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