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Your rich uncle has just given you a high school graduation present of $1,600,000. The present, however, is in the form of a 27-year bond with an annual interest rate of 3.3% compounded annually. The bond says that it will be worth $1,600,000 in 27 years. What is this gift worth at the present time? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

Reference no: EM131349073

Per year simple interest

Your aunt lends you $5000 for 7 years at 9% per year simple interest; then the entire proceeds are invested for 13 years at 8% per year, compounded annually. How much money wi

What relationship the NVP have with the IRR

For the given cash flows below, assume the cash flow is the same in the next 2 years. Compute the NPV for each project, and compute the incremental IRR. Compare and explain wh

What are sunk costs

What are sunk costs? Provide examples and how are they handled in making decisions. One of the economic concepts we deal with is opportunity cost. Discuss opportunity costs an

Assume semiannual compounding periods

You find a zero coupon bond with a par value of $10,000 and 20 years to maturity. If the yield to maturity on this bond is 5.2 percent, what is the price of the bond? Assume s

Health care reimbursement

The first part of the course project is an analysis of current health care reimbursement policies and their effect on financial management decisions. Your paper should be main

What will be the future worth of the money in your account

Assume that you open a savings account that accrues 3% nominal annual interest that is compounded monthly. Initially, your account has no funds in it. Starting next month, you

Were the same business drivers discussed

Present a brief side-by-side comparison of MacDonald’s MD&A of 2013 to that of 2012. Were the same business drivers discussed? Were they assigned the same importance by manage

What is the operating cash flow for project

How would you solve for this? What is the operating cash flow for the following project? Sales are $200,000, operating costs are $50,000, depreciation is $20,000 and the tax r


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