What is the worstcase cost for an equality search

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Answer the following questions about Linear Hashing.

1. How does Linear Hashing provide an average-case search cost of only slightly more than one disk I/O, given that overflow buckets are part of its data structure?

2. Does Linear Hashing guarantee at most one disk access to retrieve a record with a given key value?

3. If a Linear Hashing index using Alternative (1) for data entries contains N records, with P records per page and an average storage utilization of 80 percent, what is the worstcase cost for an equality search? Under what conditions would this cost be the actual search cost?

4. If the hash function distributes data entries over the space of bucket numbers in a very skewed (non-uniform) way, what can you say about the space utilization in data pages?

Reference no: EM131210904

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