What is the weighted-average unit contribution margin

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Q1) Eastland Corp. had total variable costs of $155,306, total fixed costs of $119,500, and total revenues of $254,600.

Calculate contribution margin ratio.

Compute the required sales in dollars to break even.

Q2) Dilts Company has a unit selling price of $600, variable costs per unit of $430, and fixed costs of $209,000.

Compute the break-even point in units using (a) the mathematical equation and (b) unit contribution margin.

Q3) NoFly Corporation sells three different models of a mosquito "zapper." Model A12 sells for $60 and has variable costs of $44. Model B22 sells for $109 and has variable costs of $81. Model C124 sells for $416 and has variable costs of $319. The sales mix of the three models is A12, 57%; B22, 30%; and C124, 13%.

What is the weighted-average unit contribution margin?

Reference no: EM132280336

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