What is the volume of water that is expected to be displace

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A sample of KCIO3 weighing 4.55g is strongly heated. All of the oxygen gas given off is collected over water in a flask. The atmospheric pressure is 29.06inches of mercury. The temperature is 23 degrees C. The gas constant is 0.0821 (L)(atm)(K)(mol). What is the volume of water that is expected to be displaced by the oxygen gas (in Liters)? The equation for the reaction is2KClO3->2KCl+3O2

Reference no: EM13909303

Explain a dilute solution is formed

When 49 mL of a solution containing 3.1 M AlCl3 is diluted to 53 mL, a dilute solution is formed. How many moles of Al3+ ions are contained in 14 mL of the dilute solution

General formula of the ionic compound

When 22.2 g of a soluble ionic compound (formula weight=111 g/mol) are added to 1.0 kg of water (Kf=1.86 C/m), the freezing point of the resulting solution is -1.12 C. Which o

What is the ph of the solution

A 10.00 mL 0.25 M formic acid sample is being titrated with 0.25 M NaOH. What is the pH of the solution after adding 15.00 mL NaOH solution?? Ka=1.8x10-4

How to compute the heat lost or gained by the system

A cylinder contains 250 g of Helium at 200 K. The external pressure is constant at 1 atm. The temperature of the surroundings is lowered by 100 K. Calculate the heat lost or

Explain the white powders are hopelessly mixed in a dustpan

The white powders are hopelessly mixed in a dustpan. You are promised a big fat raise if you can construct a flowchart that a less qualified chemist will follow to separate

The displacement method after submerging the sample in water

Question- A FCC structure with an atomic radius of 2.45 A and the weight is equal to 12.6453 grams figure out the volume by the displacement method after submerging the samp

What change in volume is brought about by adding ethanol

What proportions of ethanol and water should be mixed in order to produce 100 cm3 of a mixture containing 50 percent by mass of ethanol.

How to compute the enthalpy of the reaction

The initial temperature of the calorimeter is 18.5°C and the final temperature is 25.6°C. Assume that the heat capacity of the calorimeter is 4.86 J/g°C. Calculate the entha


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