What is the variance of the sample

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If a sample of 101 scores had a mean of 66 and a standard deviation of 15, what would be the z score of a person with a raw score 60? what would be the t-score of a person with a raw score of 70? what is the variance of the sample?

Reference no: EM13491073

Explain the characteristics of dna

Design the DNA sequences with the following characteristics. You have to give the full sequence base by base in your answer. Linear DNA with melting temperature of 80 to 82 C,

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Discuss the image file formats used for print, Web, and multimedia. What determines the method of saving files? Explain what resolution is traditionally used for print and wha

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In this, your response essay, you will summarize and then respond to the reading via one of the disciplinary perspectives from the Humanities commons. How does the article's

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Define philanthropy. What is your understanding of the importance of individual giving to philanthropic revenue? After viewing the videos of TOMS, Warren Buffet and Bill Gat

Explanations for the convergence of men and women

Why is entry into the co-residential union of greater consequence than the type of union when it comes to the amount of time the partners spend on household work? What are p

Examine the influence of culture and cultural identity

Evaluate developmental milestones of behavior based on psychological theories. Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standar

Discuss what is meant by the cultural construction of race

Discuss what is meant by the cultural construction of “race.” How do different cultures treat this subject? Why do they treat the concept in different ways? Give at least THRE

What peer pressure did you face and what is this stage

Review the major physical, moral, and cognitive changes that occur in adolescence discussed in Module 27 of Psychology and Your Life. Erikson’s chart on p. 313 shows the psych


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