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(a) A cut-off score of 85 has been established for a sample of scores in which the mean is 65. If the corresponding z-score is 2.5 and the scores are normally distributed, what is the standard deviation?

(b) The standard deviation of a normal distribution is 12 and 95% of the values are greater than 6. What is the value of the mean?

(c) The mean of a normal distribution is 132, and only 10% of the values are greater than 155. What is the standard deviation?

Reference no: EM131196197

Translate into symbolic form - assigned daily homework

Translate the following arguments into symbolic form.- If grade-school children are assigned daily homework, then their achievement level will increase dramatically.

A brownian motion with drift coefficient

Let {W{t),t ≥ 0} be a Brownian motion with drift coefficient μ and diffusion coefficient σ2. We assume that the flow of a certain river can be modeled by the process {X(t),t ≥

A hairdresser and her assistant operate a salon

A hairdresser and her assistant operate a salon. There are two types of customers: those of type I prefer to have their hair cut by the hairdresser but are willing to be ser

Question regarding the descriptive statistics

When summarizing interval-ratio variable data using descriptive statistics, what do we lose in our understanding of a sample if we just report the mean and not any measures

Find confidence interval for mean number of lightning strike

Find a 99% confidence interval for the mean number of lightning strikes per day worldwide.- Do you think the normality assumption in this problem is reasonable? Why or why not

Describe multiple regression analysis

Describe multiple regression analysis and discuss potential uses for this model. Explain the purpose of simple linear regression and scatter diagrams. Please provide a simple

What is the probability that really authorized

A biometric security devise using fingerprints erroneously refuses to admit 1 in 1000 authorized persons from a facility containing classified information. The device will err

Individual awareness test events test

This learning activity consists of a variety of problems from Chapters 13-15. Include a title page with your assignment in current APA. Answers must be clearly labeled and a


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