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The actual demand for the patients of Omaha Emergency Clinic for the past 6 weeks follows: Week Patients 1 65 2 62 3 70 4 48 5 63 6 52 clinic administrator Marc Schniederjams wants you to forecast patient demand at the clinic for week 7 by using this data. You decide to use a weighted moving average method to find this forecast. Your method uses four actual demand levels with weights 0.333 on the present period, 0.25 one period ago, 0.25 two periods ago and 0.167 three periods ago. A.) What is the value for the forecast? B.) If instead the weights were, 20,15,15, and 10, respectively, how would the forecast change? explain why. C.) What if the weights were 0.40, 0.30, 0.20 and 0.10, respectively? Now what is the forecast for week 7?

Reference no: EM131040333

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