What is the ultimate message regarding solidarity

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Discuss the unions gains and setbacks from the end of WWII through the 1950s. Evaluate the advantages of those gains and setbacks. Please include a discussion of the film Salt of the Earth as your frame of reference. What are the Taft-Hartley Act? How did the union depicted in this film (based on actual historical events), resist the company and government's attempt to beak the strike and their union.? Why was the charge of "communism" leveled against the strikers? Indeed this film Salt of the Earth, was basically blacklisted (as were many of the actors, including Will Gear who plays the sheriff) in the context of McCarthyism. Do you see anything in this film that indicates anything subversive to the US? What does the film have to say about ethnic bigotry? What is the role of women in this film? What is the message regarding patriarchy? What is the ultimate message regarding solidarity?

Reference no: EM131442914

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