What is the turnover rate in units for that month

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The monthly forecast for June is 12,000 pairs of socks. Historically, the LA DC has demand for 25%, Memphis 30% and Dayton 35%. The remaining 10% is shipped to clients directly from the warehouse. c. assuming the organization as a whole sold 10,000 pairs of socks in July what is the turnover rate in units for that month? I need help with part C the turnover rate in units.

Reference no: EM131426639

Market sales potential and the chain ratio method

Market Sales Potential and the Chain Ratio Method 1. Use the chain ratio method to estimate the market sales potential for electric toothbrushes in: a. USA b. India c. China d

Listing new or emerging opportunities and threats

Discuss positive and negative changes in your University's external and internal factor during your college career. Begin by listing new or emerging opportunities and threats.

Companies competing in same product or service category

Select three companies competing in the same product or service category. How does each differentiate and position itself and how do they execute these strategies in their mar

Business landscape-role of the leader-leadership styles

You are the leader of a medium size organic cereal company known as “Cereal Stuff “. The mission statement is: “To provide the world with cereals and good stuff that the compa

What is the break-even point in units

Video Concepts, Inc. (VCI) markets video equipment and film through a variety of retail outlets. Presently, VCI is faced with a decision as to whether it should obtain the dis

Comparing employee development to employee training

Discuss specific ways that you, as a health care leader, can add value to your own health care organization or one which you hope to lead. How will you use technology, innovat

Operational plan in hospitality enterprise

Operational plan pertaining to a hospitality enterprise is given in detail in the solution. The operational plan is an important plan or preparation which gives guidelines reg

Lawyer who has reputation for being scorched-earth litigator

Frederick is a student at Central Fictional State University (CFSU), and he has a great idea for a new business invention. Frederick's invention and the business that he plans


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