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You are a member of a business intelligence team supporting management of ABC Retail Company. The company uses a computer-based sales system. You are provided with the following data table:

TRANSACTIONS SampleTableof sales transactions. (Refer to Appendix 1)

The TRANSACTIONS table contains a sample ofsales that took place over a period of various weeks, after all transactions have been posted. The transaction information includes not only date and time, but also demographic, geographic and product information.

You have been asked to use Base SASprogramsto analyse the TRANSACTIONS, and provide information and insights to management, for store management, potential market segmentation or new promotional campaigns. You are to produce a management report with sections dealing with each of the issues on the next page. Your report should cover each issue and include (where appropriate) a summary of findings.

For each issue, comment on what you found, its significance, and its implications for the company.You should support your findings with appropriately labelled and totalled reports generated with SAS (in html format). See Appendix 2 for information on generating reports.

Report headers should identify the company, the time period covered, your name and the title of the report. All SAS reports should be sorted in a manner, which focuses attention on thehigh valueitems. Submit these SAS reports along with your management report. Also, you are required to submit your Base SAS programs used to generate these reports.

1. Descriptive Analysis

Q1. What is the total quantity sold and total sales in value of each product in each region during the period?

Q2. Which20 products have the highest sales in value during the period.

Q3. Which day of the week produces the most sales in value?

Q4. On each day of the week, when is the busiest shopping hour, in terms of number of products sold?

Q5. What is the distribution of spending during a week by customers according to customer price sensitivity, basket size, and basket price sensitivity?

Q6. What's the total number of sold products in region E01 in week 200607?

Q7. What's the total amount of money spent per weekend?

Q8. How many unique customers does region W01 have?

Q9. Based on number of unique customers, what are the top 3 busiest days of your dataset and to which week(s) do they belong?

Q10. Describe the distribution of spending in a week of your choice based on customer lifestage,?

2. Creative Insights

Q11. How would you use the results of these reports to enhance this retailer's business?

Q12. Suggest 5 strategiesthat can be implemented to improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and business revenues?

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Reference no: EM131040177

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