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1. Based on the article what is the topic of the reaseach?

2. Based on the article what are the finding from your reasearch?

3. Based on the article wgat are your recommendations?

4. References (minimun of 3) fully referenced using APA style.


Vivian is a graduate from a local diploma programme and had good grades in all her modules. Upon graduation, she found a job at a steadily growing start-up with has strong global business partnership with companies in china and India.

The job required Vivian to work both independently and with project teammates from home and overseas. There are tight deadlines to meet and aggressive business targets to achieve. In order to deliver on her responsibilities, she needs to conduct research, conceptualise ideas and develop new customer experiences.

However, Vivian soon realized that these job requirements were demanding her to perform in a way she had not done so before in school. Despite her good results, she is struggling with the expectations at work and it made her uncomfortable. Vivian is also confused by situation as her parents have been telling her that she will have a successful career so long as she did well in school, this is certainly not the case and she is contemplating resigning from her job.

You are a career counselor. Apart from Vivian, you have also encountered similar cases with a fair number of fresh graduates. They seem to lack employability skills and you suspect this has to do with their education.

Design a poster that you can use in the future when counselling fresh graduates who face problems at the start of their careers. Advise them on being better prepared to thrive in the workplace of the 21st century.

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