What is the times interest earned ratio

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Blackstone, Inc., has net income of $8,798, a tax rate of 24%, and interest expense of $572. What is the times interest earned ratio? Enter your answer rounded off to two decimal points.

Reference no: EM13273043

Estimate the present value of tax benefits from depreciation

The equipment will have a depreciable life of 8 years and will be depreciated to a book value of $155,000 using a straight line depreciation. The cost of capital is 11% and

Why might bubbles be difficult to identify

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan once argued that it is very difficult to identify bubbles until after they pop. What is a bubble, and why might bubbles be dif

Information regarding forward contract

Suppose that your company will be receiving 30 million euros six months from now and the euro is currently selling for 1 euro per dollar. If you want to hedge the foreign ex

Find company cost of equity

Jones Co. currently is 100 percent equity financed. The company is considering changing its capital structure. More specifically, Jones' CFO is considering a recapitalization

Determine total factory overhead costs

At a volume of 20,000 direct labor hours, Tirso Company incurs 50,000 in factory overhead costs, including 10,000 in fixed costs. suppose that this activity is within the rele

Surplus in the current account

How is a surplus in the current account related to a deficit in the capital account? - How is a deficit in the current account related to a surplus in the capital account?

Components of a financial reporting system

Describe the meaning and the components of a financial reporting system. Write a description of how management should use an activity based budget instead of an operating budg

What are the maximum possible dollars the us importer

The spot rate on the September payment date turns out to be $1.70/BP. The importer can either exercise the call options or sell them back at their market value. Assume that


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