What is the sociological imagination

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Question 1: Theory Explains

Explain in your own words how either the Structural Functionalist perspective or the Conflict perspective would view the cause of war (any war). Remember that Functionalism focuses on the harmonious operations of all parts of a society in order to assure stability and order. Conflict theory focuses on inequality within a society (principally economic, but also gender and race or ethnic inequality) as the driving force behind social change. Both perspectives have merit.

Question 2: Sociological Imagination

What is the Sociological Imagination? Why is it important to understanding what happens in the world around us? How can using a sociological imagination help solve problems facing the world today? Try to think of something specific locally, nationally or globally. Here are some ideas to get started: climate change, pollution, war (pick any current conflict), religious conflicts, the budget crises that almost every state in the U.S. is struggling with. Feel free to come up with other examples. This should be a lively and wide ranging discussion. Who knows? We might even come up with something that proves useful.

Reference no: EM13935981

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Analyze some of the key social, political, and economic factors that have led to the proliferation of urgent care facilities and primary care practices over the last 20-30 y

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I am doing a critical examination of women and psychoanalysis. Any suggestions? An article or other information would help to get me started.

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Draw the top 10" of a 2"-wide stake on a piece of paper and place the following information on it: Station 3+56, Offset 25 feet Left of centerline, Fill 4.5 feet at a 2:1 slop

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How has Lila's aversion to her mother's dietary fanaticism while she was growing up affected her choices and, as a result, her health? How might Lila's condition of being ov

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How might a universal health insurance program change the current trends in the health care industry? In your opinion, are programs like that offered by Aetna to have surgery

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How does research affect clinical practice? Is all research equally trustworthy? Explain your answer. How have World War I and World War II affected the evolution of psycholog


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