What is the sociocognitive theory of hypnosis

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1. What are the stages of NREM sleep ?
2. What has been found among people who have recurring dreams?
3. What is the experience of people who are under hypnosis ?
4. What is the sociocognitive theory of hypnosis ?
5. What are controlled substances?
6. What are the characteristics of teenagers who are likely to abuse drugs?
7. What are protective factors that reduce the likelihood a teen will abuse drugs?
8. What are examples and the effects of stimulants?
9. What are examples and the effects of depressants?
10. How does someone die from overdosing on amphetamines?
11. What is the effect of combining alcohol with other central nervous system depressants?
12. What class of drug marijuana?
13. What negative effect does marijuana have on long-term users?
14. What four factors influence the addictive potential of a drug?
15. What is the general difference between physical dependence and psychological dependence?
16. Which area of the brain is called the " pleasure center"?
17. A surge or increase in which neurotransmitter is linked to many potentially addictive behaviors, including substance abuse/addiction?
18. What adverse brain effect does repeated use of MDMA or "ectasy" have?
19. What neurotransmitters does ectasy affect?

Reference no: EM13503077

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