What is the smaller deminsion

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A rectanlgar playground is to be fenced off and divided into 2 by another fence parallel to one side of the playground. 480 feet of fencing is used. find the deminisons of the playground that maximizes the total enclosed area. what is the maximum area. what is the smaller deminsion.

Reference no: EM13186140

Finding perimeter and area of garden

Caitlyn is a landscaper who is creating a triangular planting garden. The homeowner, Lisa, wants the garden to have two equal sides and contain an angle of 120°. Also, Lisa

Find the distance between the two cities

Town A is due south of town B, and their latitudes are 50 degrees N and 32 degrees N, respectively. Use 4000 miles as the radius of the earth and find the distance between t

Difference between goal and actual total sales amount

The menswear department of the Gap has a sales goal of $1,384,000 for its Spring sale. Complete the worksheet (Table 1-2) for the sales totals by region and by day. Decide i

Environmental changes-vision and mission

Provide an example of an industry or company that has changed its strategy over time as environmental factors such as technology, competition, and consumer preferences have

Recall that a group contains an element

Recall that a group contains an element ε such that εx = x = xε for every x in the group. Now assume that we are given some element a such that for one specific y we have ay

Which data set is more valuable

The number of shark attacks and deaths over a recent 5- year period is shown. Find the mean, median, mode, midrange, variance, and standard deviation for the date. Which dat

What is the maximum amount

Your auto insurance policy has a $200 monthly premium and $700 deductible. What is the maximum amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket for a car accident before your insur

What is the size of the population after twelve days

Let P(t) be the population of a colony of fruit flies, where the time t is measured in days. The initial size of the population doubles in 4 days. Assume exponential growth.


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