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Allan Hinge Company records 8 primary quality opportunities during production of a particular type of brass door hinge (these are opportunities for a defect, mistake, or error). After an inspection of 370 random hinges, a worker finds a total of 22 nonconforming parts. a) On average, how many defects per unit? b) On average, how many defects per opportunity? c) On average, how many defects per million opportunities? d) What is the sigma capability?

Reference no: EM131176331

Assesses your performance as business writer

Write a final report of 400–600 words that assesses your performance as a business writer in this course. Include the following in your report: Introduce the discussion with a

Discuss whether pam could legitimately refuse to pay rapid

Pam borrows $5,000 from Quality Auto Sales to buy a car. When Pam does not pay the loan or return the car, Quality wants to transfers the right to the payment to Rapid Collect

What customers is this restaurant more likely to serve

A new Pizza Restaurant has opened in Old Town Fort Collins: Daenerys’ Fire Baked Pizza. They offer brick oven pizzas, sit down dinner, take out, and a new service: delivery by

Practices horizontal integration

This week let’s discuss integration. First, name a company the practices horizontal integration. Describe the structure. Now do the same for a company vertically integrated. I

Determine the probability of running out of stock

The daily demand for camera films at a gift shop is N(30,5). The cost of holding a roll in the shop is $0.02 per day, and the fixed cost of placing a replenishment order is $3

Causes of the recent financial crises in the united states

One of the causes of the recent financial crises in the United States has been excessive risk taking due to underestimation of risk. Examine how this relates to financial le

When formulating its business strategy-operational strategy

Zara is a fast-fashion company from Spain. Although the Spanish economy has crumbled, Zara is a rare success story. Operation strategy needs to be aligned with overall busines

Analysis for the electric lawn mower

Save Perform a complete QFD analysis for the electric lawn mower. Complete the house of quality in Excel. Fill out the properties in each step in the HoQ. When you have the pr


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