What is the sidereal orbital period of the asteroid

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An asteroid is seen in opposition from Earth once every 1000 days.

a. What is the sidereal orbital period of the asteroid?

b. What is the length of the semimajor axis of the asteroids orbit?

c. The eccentricity of the asteroid's orbit is .25. Does the asteroid ever come closer to the Sun than the Earth?

Reference no: EM13536604

Bohr radius of the hydrogen atom

The Bohr radius of the hydrogen atom is 0.529 ?, or 0.0529 nm. Assuming that we know the position of an electron in this orbit to an accuracy of 1% of the radius, calculate

Calculate the magnitude of F2

Two forces F1 and F2 are acting on a mass M=6.0 kg. The force F1 = 5.0i + 7.0j + 2.0k, in N. The acceleration of the mass is given by a = 2.0i + 7.0j + 5.0k, in m/s2. Calculat

Calculate the current and calculate the current density

A potential difference of 4.80 V will be applied to a 43.00 m length of 18-gauge copper wire (diameter = 0.0400inches). Calculate the current. Calculate the current density. C

What is the mass of the meter stick

A box of mass 15 kg is dragged by a 50 N horizontal force a distance of 10 m over a rough surface with the coefficient of friction = 0.14 the work done by friction force.

Calculate the capacitance of the structure

A capacitor is constructed of two 5.3 m2 parallel metal plates separated by an air gap of 0.010 mm. An electric potential of 25 V is applied to the capacitor. calculate the

What is the x-component of the net torque on the disk

A uniform disk with mass m = 9.09 kg and radius R = 1.37 m lies in the x-y plane and centered at the origin. Three forces act in the +y-direction on the disk: 1) a force 317

What must your average speed over the next

What must your average speed over the next 10 miles be to have your average speed for the total 20 miles be 13m/h? c)Given this average speed for the first 10 miles, can you

What horizontal distance does it cover during its flight

A seed shoots out from the pod with the speed of 2.6m/s but with a direction of motion 30° below the horizontal. The seed pod is initially 1.1m above the ground.


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