What is the sarbanes-oxley act

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1. What are the pros and cons associated with using internal sources of job candidates? What are the pros and cons of using Internet recruiting to locate external sources of job candidates?

2. Compare and contrast disparate treatment and disparate impact.

3. What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? How does it affect incentive plans? Do you support the legislation? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131414540

How do these new facts affect current stakeholders

Identify the various stakeholder groups of the Monsanto Company. Update any dated facts in this case with more current information. How do these new facts affect current stake

Lean techniques work in both manufacturing-service sectors

Which lean techniques work in both the manufacturing and service sectors? Explain how they are used in both sectors. A central activity of waste reduction in the lean producti

About the environment and economy-minded person

Assume you plan a demonstration to prove some of the claims you have made for a new riding lawnmower. How would the demonstration differ for each of these three individuals: a

Employee development strategy might have contributed

Discuss a time in your career when you felt like you were learning and growing and another time when you felt like you were not. In each case, discuss how your company’s emplo

Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems text

Does SAS or any other MDM in the list meet your requirements? Whyor why not? You will review the top candidate MDM system and recommend the one that meets your requirements fo

Investment of considerable funds coast-to-coast company

After two years of research and the investment of considerable funds, Coast-to-Coast Company (CC) develops a new product that it hopes will produce substantial profits. CC lea

What is total cost of inventory-holding and backorder cost

Aggregate production in the next four quarters is set to be 300 units in each quarter. Demand is 300, 250, 400, and 250 units respectively in each of the next four quarters. B

Demand strategy to level-capacity strategy

This question belong to operation management. Your immediate supervisor, Rhonda Waters, has raised the possibility of switching from a chase demand strategy to a level-capacit


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