What is the sales mix as percentage

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Download the Profit and Loss example associated w/ this module (3). Using the notes from this weeks class, complete the pro-forma Profit and Loss statement and upload to this link.


Given: Total Seats


Total turns 2

ASSUMPTIONS: Average check: $25 food and $10 beverage.

Food cost is 28% of food sales. Beverage cost is 19% of beverage sales, and labor is 29%.

Direct operating expenses are 28% and occupancy cost is 8%.

What are total



What is the SALES MIX as a percentage?

What is food cost as a dollar amount? Remember, you must find food sales first.

What is beverage cost as a dollar amount? Remember, you must find beverage sales first.

What is the cost of goods sold as a percentage?

What is the gross profit as a dollar amount?

What is the gross profit as a percentage?

What is labor cost as a dollar amount?

What are direct operating expenses in dollars?

What are occupancy costs in dollars?

What is the profit in dollars?

Reference no: EM132280550

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