What is the role of sterile saline plus organism

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A.What is the role of sterile saline plus organism on the Slide Test?

B. Why is it advisible to run a knowm coagulase-positive organism along with your unknown organism?

c. How will the validity of the test be affected if clumping occurs on both smears of the known coagulase-positive organism?

Reference no: EM13110677

What fraction of the progeny from the cross

Suppose the G and R genes are on the same chromosome but separated by 80 map units. What fraction of the progeny from the cross Gr/gR × GR/GR would begr/GR.

Define the relevant terms and physical properties

Explain how rainwater gets to the leaves of a sequoia tree. In your explanation, use and define the relevant terms and physical properties that are involved and/or enable th

How different skin pigmentation evolved in the human

The main principles of evolution are outline below. Using the principles of evolution as a guide, describe how antibacterial resistance happens OR describe how different ski

Explain how does process prevent a blockage of glycolysis

The reactions of glycolysis are catalyzed by enzymes and obviously proceed without much problem. However, when we look at some of the individual steps, they have positive st

Draw a genetic map for the f1 female x chromosomes

A true breeding wild-type strain of flies was crossed to another strain homozygous for the recessive X-linked mutant alleles m, r, and v. The F1 female offspring were testcr

Draw a genetic map of the parental chromosomes

Consider three characteristics in the hypothetical animal, the zeebog from Madagascar. In the population, Madagascar zeebogs are either hairy (H) or hairless (h); crazy (C)

Determined in pure cultures in the lab

Discuss why determinants for optimal microbial growth rates that are determined in pure cultures in the lab do often not correlate to those determinants in natural environme

What does this reveal about the mutations

Mutants 2, 5, and 6 were interbred to produce diploid F1 hybrids. Some of the resulting diploids could grow on cysteine; others could not (see table). What does this reveal


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