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Assignment Completion Method:

Your assignment will involve two important phases, which will require you to:

Part A:

Answer the following questions:

Question 1: From an I.T. security perspective discuss the differences between threat, exposure and vulnerability. Give an example of each one (not just a definition). (250 words)

Question 2: Define ‘social computing' and discuss how it can improve business services. (250 words)

Question 3: What is the role of a content management system? How can it help an organisation gain a competitive advantage? (250 words)

Question 4: Discuss if it is ethical for an employer to monitor their staff's usage of the Internet at work? List two acceptable and two unacceptable activities you would include in an ‘acceptable internet usage' policy? (~250 Words)

Part B:

Use the Toulmin's Model of Argument to analyse the supplied Assignment Case Study (see the Assignment Case Study section below) and provide your opinion on the strength or weakness of the argument with relation to the Claim that we have provided. (~ 600 words).

You MUST answer the following 7 questions separately to complete the ‘Your Opinion' section of Part B. make sure to number your answers:

To apply the model to test the validity/strength of a CLAIM the reader must examine each sentence in the article and categorise them as a Toulmin element or as an unnecessary extra ‘opinion', ‘hearsay', ‘definitions' etc. Once all sentences have been categorised then the elements should be examined in sequence.

1. What is the CLAIM?

2. Is there any EVIDENCE to support the CLAIM? If so how much and how does it affect the strength of the CLAIM.

3. Is there a WARRANT (Explicit or Implicit)? Explicit WARRANTS are often stronger because the author can direct the reader to accept the CLAIM. Implicit WARRANTS leave the reader's opinion open to interpretation and this may go against the author's intended purpose.

4. Is there BACKING? If so how much? If so how much and how does it affect the strength of the CLAIM.

5. Is there a REBUTTAL? The quantity and scope of the REBUTTAL may reduce the strength of the CLAIM and thus dissuade the reader's acceptance of the CLAIM.

6. Is there a QUALIFIER? If so, to what extent does it reduce the scope of the CLAIM because this will impact on the strength of the CLAIM?

7. Your Opinion - this is a personal perception based on your interpretation of the article. The presence, quality and quantity of the different Toulmin elements must be applied to make this critical assessment. You must discuss whether you agree or disagree with the claim based on the stronger argument.

Assignment Case Study: This case study must be used for Part B

A piece of malicious code called Stormer has stolen 28,000 login credentials from Twitter.com, security experts have warned. Alarmist's investigators said, "It appears the attackers used Stormer and we suspect the people behind the attack are using the stolen information to login to victims' Twitter.com accounts and transmit malicious code to their associates, thereby increasing the malware's spread even further." When asked about the attack Twitter explained security experts had investigated the affected Tweeters, and said the majority of them were not active, but initiated remedial steps for all affected users to ensure the security of their accounts. Twitter public relations department was quick to note that they had not experienced a breach to this level before and would be sure to prevent it in the future.

Social networking Apps are a target of hackers because of the large amount of personal information presented on them. "It won't necessarily be obvious that you have been attacked. The malware is stealing passwords so it is not going to announce itself," said Jacob Singh, senior security consultant at Symantec. John Smith a frequent Tweeter said he felt violated but didn't know if he had been affected. Following the attack Kim K. reality show celebrity tweeted "#backoffstormer".

Alarmist CEO noted "It appears the more capable hackers are now experimenting with more sophisticated malware so as fast as the companies create a defence the attackers find a way to infiltrate it" Soon after the attack Twitter's security team released a public announcement warning Tweeters that they were just as responsible for their security and should follow simple security rules like not using passwords for multiple accounts. In 2015 a Symantec report estimated that various forms of Stormer accounted for 26.8% of all new malicious software infections.

Twitter recently updated their password creation capabilities to force users into creating stronger passwords. Twitter also stated so far, Stormer has not been spreading on Twitter itself, but they are working with their external partners to prevent further spread. Twitter CEO commented "Better educating our users will add to our defences but we can't control everything they do and they are a weak point."

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Assignment which is the question and answer that is related to the information technology and the other questions related to the different terminologies and their impact. One case study is also provided in which 7 questions are answered. The citation is in APA format and total words are 1600. All the information provided here is correct and complete.

Reference no: EM131151333

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increase the words limit but please check the requirements again of part B. There are just 7 question given that have to be done behalf on the case study. That I have already done. So please let me know what is missing, what are the things before the questions, please send that. According to me before the questions just case-study and some instructions are given,


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Total number of words are 1500 in the assignment mail and in the file Part A consists of the 1000 words ( for 4 questions each answer is 250 words, which has been done) · In Part B the inital heading mentions that i have to analyze the article and the same needs to be done in question 7, however the word limitation is 600, i ahve doubt whether in 600 words all the 7 questions aresupposed to be answered or only the self analysis. · Self analysis has to be done on the basis of the self analysis on the model Toulmin’s model of argument, which i have covered in question 1 to 6, do i have to repeat the same thing in quesiton 7 as well? · If the total number of words are 600 only for q7 then what are the word limit for each of the question from 1 to 6 . Also since i have covered the analysis in question 1 to 6, do you want me to answer the same in q 7 as well with each sentence in the case study. I have not mentioned each sentence so do i have mention each sentence from the case study and then present the analysis?

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