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Theresa and Mike want to create a merged company that is defined by a culture of integrity, thus aiding employees in making ethical decisions, such as in Joe's ethical dilemma. They will begin by understanding the methods of embedding ethical decision making and behaviors into the culture, including their responsibilities as leaders. You, the consultant, are asked to provide recommendations and guidance to help them shape the culture they intend. This discussion is about values, a culture of integrity, and the role of leaders in creating and maintaining it.

Materials in Beyond the Book, intellipath, and the M.U.S.E. will help you prepare for this discussion.

Answer the following:

1. Identify the key initiatives that are required to build a values-driven culture that is defined by integrity.

• Discuss the development of values, including what ethical theories underpin organizational values.

• Discuss specific decision-making processes that lead to ethical decision making. Include any insights from your professional experience.

• What programs or processes help achieve a values-driven culture of integrity?

2. Identify the key behaviors required of Theresa and Mike to embed the desired culture.

• What is their role in leading the initiatives?

• What actions are important to communicate and establish alignment across the merged organization?

Reference no: EM132184128

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