What is the risk of getting cancer

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IMAGE - 1, 2, 3 is child, 4, 5, is parents

If child has same gel positioning as father, would it be likely for the child to get cancer if the father has it? For the children without the mutation, what is the risk of getting cancer?

Why was a reaction set up using DNA known to contain the sane mutation present in the father's DNA?

Why was a reaction set up using DNA known to contain the normal (wild-type) sequence? Why was a reaction set up using no template DNA?

Reference no: EM131034269

Contraction of heart muscle

A rapid beat of heart over 100 beats per minute is known as ______. A beat slower than 60 is called ______. Lack of appropriate blood to the heart is known as ______. Rapid

State the symptoms of lactose intolerance

How does this contribute to the symptoms of lactose intolerance? Also, why do areas with good climate for crops generally have a high incidence of lactose intolerance?

How will the proteins produced be different

A mutation is found in a tRNA-encoding gene. The wild type allele produces a tRNA that recognizes the codon GAA, and is charged with the amino acid Glutamic acid. How will t

Can a normal daughter have a color-blind father

In humans, normal color vision vs. color blindness is determined by alleles C (normal) and c (color-blind) at X linked chromosomes a. Can a normal daughter have a color-blin

Explain what they might mean to others

Are there enough resources in the world for 8-10 billion people to live decent, secure, happy, fulfilling lives? What do those terms mean to you (BE SPECIFIC). Explain what th

Why do the functional consequences of the abnormalities

In Kartagener syndrome , the protein dynein is defective. This defect is due to a mutation in the gene coding for dynein. WHY do the functional consequences of the abnormali

How would you determine if there are multiple genes

You have read the literature about a lab that has isolated a gene for red pigmentation from petunias. The gene sequence is available in the database. You are a tomato geneti

Determine cotransduction frequency of thi and pro

The generalized-transduction phage P1 is increased in a pur- pro+ thi+ donor strain. A recipient strain that is pur+ pro- thi- is infected and the donor allele thi+ is selecte


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