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You and your team are required to study the above product, and make one of the following choices:

(i) Assuming the product is ready in the market, and has been sold to other clients. What is the RISK from Systems Engineering perspectives if we want to become the Agent and distributer in the UAE?

(ii) Assuming the advertisement is miss-leading us, while the idea is great for establishing an implemented production facility in the UAE. What is the RISK from a Systems Engineering perspectives to do so?

You are required to present the case in relation to the course of study MEM-508. Each Team shall deliver in hardcopy the followingas a minimum requirements:

1. Power-point representation of a total numberof slides to range from five (15) slides to ten (25) slides maximum. Please specify names of each member task.

2. An executive report presenting your "Risk Management Plan (RMP)" from Systems Engineering view using the proper standard/applicable documents and references.

3. Your team's sensitivity analysis and recommendations based on the risk factor ( Rf ) calculated for your assumption.

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Reference no: EM13666189

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