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The Abner Corporation, a retail seller of television sets, wants to determine how many television sets it must sell to earn a pro t of $10,000 per month. The price of each television set is $300, and the average variable cost is $100. a.What is the required sales volume if the Abner Corporation's monthly xed costs are $5,000 per month? b.If the rm sells each television set at a price of $350 rather than $300, what is the required sales volume? c.If the price is $350, and if average variable cost is $85 rather than $100, what is the required sales volume?

Reference no: EM131198275

Held constant when one moves along a demand curve

Suppose that the demand curve for a product is given by P=36-Q where P is in thousands of dollars per auto and quantity is in millions of cars per year. What other things are

Effectively stabilize output and smooth business cycles

Explain the fundamentals behind why changes in the money supply have real effects on the economy and the monetary transmission mechanism. Explain how monetary policy can be us

Bureau maximized profits rather tahn recovered cost

Compare it with the amount that a profit maximizing, price taking firm would produce What is the opportunity cost to the federal government. If the Bureau maximized profits ra

Low interest rates impact our balance of trade

The U.S. has historically low interest rates at present. How would you predict these would impact the value of the dollar on foreign exchange markets? How, in turn, would thes

Goods market and the money market equilibrium

Assuming that the price level is P = 1, find the equilibrium real output, interest rate, consumption, and investment. Organize your results in the following table. (Hint: You

Explains in words and with graph

Suppose that clean srings water c ompany has a monopoly on bottled water sales in california. suppose that the price of tap water increases. which is the change in the pro

Examining the mobile digital divide

The digital divide is the term used to describe the gap between people and communities that have access to information and communication technology (ICT) and those that do n

Marginal cost is the change

If nominal GDP in a given year is $11,000 billion and real GDP is $10,000 billion, then the GDP Price Deflator is equal to. Marginal cost is the change in _____ cost resulting


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