What is the required rate of return on the stock

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The risk-free rate is 5.9%, the market risk premium is 8.1%, and the stock's beta is 0.85. What is the required rate of return on the stock, E(Ri)?

Use the CAPM equation.

Reference no: EM132281525

Explain how large increase in the income level

Explain how a large increase in the income level in U.K., along with no growth in the U.S. in come level lwill effect U.K. demand for U.S. goods and the value of british pound

Major provisions of sherman antitrust act and clayton act

What are the major provisions of the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton act? What is the difference between the two acts? How did one lead to the other? Do you feel the gov

What is the price elasticity of demand for taxi rides

The figure to the right illustrates the demand for taxi rides in a large city. Suppose the price per ride is initially $1515 but then falls to $1010 due to a recession. What

Applying the principle of caesar cipher

Applying the principle of Caesar cipher, where k takes on a value in the range 1 to 25.The decryption algorithm is p = D(k, C) = (C - k) mod 26. Decrypt the following cipher

Discuss the reforms done or needed in that industry

HI5003 - Economics for Business Choose any industry and discuss the reforms done or needed in that industry and demand and supply of a product of your choice and factors that

About the discrete math

onsider a 3*3 matrix in which each entry is either 0; 1 or -1. Add up the sum of the three entries in each row, column and diagonal and form a list of the sums. Give an explic

Carton-tax relative to the absence of the tax

The demand for cartons of cigarettes is Q = 1200 – 10P and the supply of cartons of cigarettes is Q = 20P.  Suppose the federal government levies a $10 per-carton-tax on selle

Benefits to pollution reduction to entirely disappear

Suppose a permit case like in textbook with m_1 > m_2 and the cost of reducing emissions equal to m_1/2 e^2. Suppose also that the firms must borrow to pay for permits at firm


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