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Question: This assignment will assess competency 5: EVALUATE the role of ethics in the organization's performance.

In any good story there is some backstory (set up), characters, problem or conflict, and a decision that leads to consequences. A case study is just a story. Like stories, sometimes they have happy endings and sometimes they have sad endings. For graduate school, we usually use case studies without happy endings. Analyses of poor decisions or mistakes give students the opportunity to analyze a situation and provide better alternatives for the company.

Directions: READ the case study "Does it Matter How We Get There (Really)?" In your analysis:

- Identify the important facts surrounding the case study. This includes the key players involved in the scenario (this should be brief)

- Identify the key issue or what the case study is about (the problem or issue at hand)

- From your understanding of what you learned on the topic, provide some alternate courses of action (minimum of three) that the company could take to resolve that issue

- Evaluate each of these courses of action. In other words, a company could do A, B, or C. If they did A, this is how it would work and what would happen. If they chose B... (consequences of the actions)

- The final step is to recommend which of those courses of action the company should take and defend your answer

Consider the following in your paper:
1)A Code of Ethics that would cover this situation. What is included and excluded in the code?

2) As Jim Snelling, what would you have done? Why?

3) How should the involved employees be handled?

4) What other fall out or repercussions can you see stemming from this case?

Your final submission will be 1000 words long and needs to flow like a research paper. You are encouraged to use headings in the paper to separate the answers to the various questions, but do not just repeat the questions and give the answers. Do not include the instructions into your paper or it will inflate your similarity score.'

Please read and answer all the questions, all citation and reference must be done in APA format.

The information of above question is enclosed below:

Attachment:- 2154803_1_Does-it-Matter-How-We-Get-There-Really-A-Case-of-Ethics-in-Bidding-by-Donald-Schepers.pdf

Reference no: EM131445127

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