What is the reduction in transit inventory

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A company is using a carrier to deliver goods to a major customer. The annual demand is $2,000,000, and the average transit time is 10 days. Another carrier promises to deliver in 7 days. What is the reduction in transit inventory?

Reference no: EM131235326

Determine the steady state surface

A thin electric heater is wrapped around a rod of diameter 3 cm. The heater dissipates energy uniformly at a rate of 1300 W/m. Air at 20°C flows normal to the rod with a vel

Compute the volume flow q across the top surface

An incompressible fluid flows past a flat plate, as in the figure below, with a uniform inlet profile and a polynomial exit profile.- Compute the volume flow Q across the top

Magnitudes of the normal and tangential accelerations

A particle which movies in a two-dimensional curvilinear motion has coordinates in millimetres which vary with time t in seconds according to x=5t2 +4 and y=2t3 + 6. For time

Air enters a compressor operating at steady state

Air enters a compressor operating at steady state at 1 atm. with a specific enthalpy of 290 kJ/kg and exits at a higher pressure with a specific enthalpy of 1023 kJ/kg. The ma

Determine mass flow rate at inlet and velocity

Steam at 80 bar, 440 Celsius, enters a turbine operating at steady state at a volumetric flow rate of 180 m3/min. The water exits the turbine in two streams, 20% as exits thro

Design a beam that will carry a load

Design a beam that will carry a total load of 300 plf. Limit the span to 18 feet. Design a column that is capable of carrying a load of 50 kips. The length of the column is 16

Compression-ignition engine operates on ideal diesel cycle

A six-cylinder, four-stroke, 4.5-L compression-ignition engine operates on the ideal diesel cycle with a compression ratio of 17. The air is at 95 kPa and 55oC at the beginnin

Find the required power

If an available pump is the 240-mmdiameter radial-flow machine of Fig. 12.6, how many pumps in series are required to provide the most efficient operation? Find the required


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