What is the real deficit or surplus

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Inflation is 20 percent. Debt is $2 trillion. The nominal deficit is $300 billion. What is the real deficit or surplus?

Reference no: EM132184362

What are the advantages and disadvantages of parking blocks

Parking blocks prevent the forward movement of cars and other vehicle by acting like a "curb." Unfortunately, for elderly persons or others with poor vision, they are someti

List the different attributes for each entity

Identify the Determinant for each entity, which can be used as Primary key. Some entities might not have a unique determinant, in this case create the proper surrogate key t

Terrorist suspects tried outside of the united statess

Should terrorist suspects tried outside of the United Statess in U.S. Military Courts be afforded the full protection of the Constitution? Why, or why not?Support your answer

Shipping charges for online orders

Shipping charges for online orders from orinoco.com are based on the value of the order and the shipping weight. Shipping is free for orders with a value of $100 and up. Ord

Several telephony technologies currently available

2. Based on your research, write an 6-8 page paper that researches the concept of internet telephony, as well as providing an analysis and comparison of several telephony

Create a chart or column design

Write a program that uses a loop to display the number of calories burned after 10, 15, 20, 25,and 30 minutes. Running on a particular treadmill you burn 4.2 calories per mi

Visit the websites of several social media sites

1) Visit the websites of several social media sites (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). What differences do you notice between these various sites? Are you a member o

Benefits for transport-layer security applications

Next, explain the risks and benefits of applications that use Public Key Cryptography to encrypt files or messages (such as PGP) and the risks and benefits for transport-layer


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