What is the radius of gyration (rg) of this joint

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Now consider a second joint of the same material, width and thickness as the joint in problem 4 above but eccentrically loaded. This time, however, the line of action of the external load is 0.563 in. removed from the centerline of the joint and the bolts are 0.2 in. removed from that centerline (i.e., the bolts are about half way between the centerline of the joint and the line of action of the external load). Assume that the bolt loads a square cross-section of the joint 1.625 = 1.625 in.2 in area and that the joint is loaded along a loading plane defined by n = 0.7. What is the radius of gyration (RG) of this joint?

Reference no: EM131305609

What is the resilience of the bolts and joint this time

By how much does the tensile load of 7.40 kips increase the tension in the bolts and reduce the clamping force on this joint? What is the minimum preload required to preven

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The diameter of the bolt hole is 1/64 in. larger than the diameter of the body of the bolt. A tensile load (LX) of 7.40 kips is applied to the joint along the axis of the bo

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Define a shear joint? Define an axial shear joint? Define faying surface? Define friction-type joint? Define bearing-type joint? Draw a graph illustrating the way a shear

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What is the primary role of the bolts in a bolted joint

You have roughed out the design of a joint and believe that four, 5/8-12 = 3 SAE J429 Grade 5 bolts will provide sufficient clamping force if tightened to 50% of yield. How


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