What is the purpose of the Glascow coma scale

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Assignment - Using your textbook (Perry and Potter fundamental of nursing) and power points answer the following questions. Please follow APA format.

List the 5 nursing purposes for performing a physical assessment.

Fill in the blank: Proper preparation for examination should include: (name 5 things).

List 7 variations in the nurse's individual style that are appropriate when examining older adults.

Identify the principles to follow to keep an examination well organized. (List 5).

What is the difference between light and deep palpation?

Define the following terms: inspection, auscultation,palpation and percussion.

List at least 5 specific observation of the patient's general appearance and behavior that should be reviewed.

List 3 actions that should be taken to ensure accurate weight measurement of a hospitalized patient.

Name 1 location that you would assess each of the following skin color variations: cyanosis, pallor, jaundice.

Define the following terms: turgor, edema, PERRLA.

What is the best location to check for skin turgor for light and dark skinned patients?

Define the following normal breath sounds and where would you find them on the anterior and posterior chest: vesicular, bronchovesicular, bronchial.

Explain the following terms related to the heart assessment: point of maximal impulse, S1, S2.

Where are the following areas located in the heart: aortic area, pulmoonic area, erbs point, tricuspid area, mitral area?

Define the following terms related to the abdomen: distention, peristalsis, borborygmi.

What is the purpose of the Glascow coma scale?

Briefly explain the 2 types of aphasia.

Reference no: EM132280720

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