What is the purpose of a precipitin test

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1. What is the purpose of a Precipitin test? List three strengths of Precipitin tests.

2. Explain the proper collection and packaging methodologies for biological evidence. Why should biological evidence never be packaged in air-tight or non-breathable mediums?

3. You received the following evidentiary items from a homicide investigation. Discuss the possible location on the item where DNA evidence (or other evidence) may be located and list the possible sources of DNA that may be present on the item.

a) 12" strip of duct tape

b) baseball bat

c) greeting card envelope

d) used condom

e) bed sheet

f) drinking glass

g) cell phone

h) syringe

i) lipstick

For example: wooden baseball bat.

location of evidence: handle, body of bat, tip of bat.

sources of DNA or other evidenc: blood, skin, tissue, hairs, fibers, fingerprints

350-500 words

Reference no: EM131393676

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