What is the pulling force to be applied for one of the plate

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Two steel plates were constructed in warm weather. Due to temperature change, a 1/32" hole mismatching occurred. What is the pulling force, in lbs, to be applied for one of the plates to match the two holes The plate length is 3 ft (from the left end to the hole) and its cross section is 1/8" x 1".

Reference no: EM13308388

What is the probable total error in the whole distance

A distance is measured through mountainous terrain and found to be 5182.40 ft. If on the average a plumb bob is used every 50 ft with a probable error of ±0.02 ft, what is th

Find the probability at least one inquiry is made during the

A machine costs $20,000 and has a 5-year useful life. At the end of the 5 years, it can be sold for $4,000. If annual interest is 8%, compounded semiannually, what is the equi

Determine the diameter in meters of the exit pipes

Steam at 100 bars and 550°C enters a turbine operating in steady-state with a volumetric flow rate of 460 m^3/min. 22% of the entering mass flow exits the turbine at 10 bars

Find the stationing and elevation of the pvcs and pvts

Two level sections of an east-west highway (G = 0) are to be connected. Currently, the two sections of highway are separated by a 4000-ft (horizontal distance), 2 % grade. T

Use an example of an animal to describe an evolutionary

The problems of survival of animals on land are very different from those of animals in the aquatic environment.  Describe four problems associated with survival in terrestria

Given a saturated solution of calcium carbonate

Given a saturated solution of calcium carbonate ( atequilibrium ) how many moles of calcium ion will remain insolution after the addition of 3.16x10^-4 M of Na2co3 at 25C?(Ass

What does this do to the stagnation pressure

Most compressors have a small diffuser at the exit to reduce the high gas velocity near the rotating blades and increase the pressure in the exit flow. What does this do to

Determine the power input to the ice machine

Water enters the ice machine at 55°F and leaves as ice at 25°F. For an ice production rate of 15 lbm/h, determine the power input to the ice machine (169 Btu of heat needs t


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