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A 20 µL diluted sample (1:15) of protein was added to 2 ml of Bradford reaction assay tube. The absorbance at 595 was 0.75 and according to a BSA standard curve corresponding to 0.025 mg protein on the x-axis. What is the protein concentration (mg/ml) of the original protein?

Reference no: EM13109184

Determine what are the genotypes of the parents

a mating of an albino (White) guinea pig and a black one gave 6 borwn, 3 black and 3 white offspring in the f2 generation. what were the genotypes of the albino (Cw) and the

What is the reproductive system

What is the reproductive system, What organs make up the reproductive system (for both male and female), what are the functions of the reproductive system, how do genital he

Provide physiological reason for dissatisfaction

You are trying to find a restaurant to take your great grandmother for Mother's Day. You have taken her to several places in town, but she is rarely satisfied with the food sh

Potential of a mutation saving a species facing extinction

Microevolution is in some ways random, while in other ways it is not. Explain what does this mean in regards to the potential of a mutation saving a species facing extincti

Calculate the frequency of heterozygotes

consider a locus with 20 alleles, each equally frequent. Under hardy-weinberg equilibrium, calculate the frequency of heterozygotes (as a whole) and homozygotes (as a whole)

Design a repressor to bind to the operon of this gene

A. Design a repressor to bind to the operon of this gene. B. Use a histone deacetylase to induce a transcriptionally inactive state. C. Use a C. elegans strain with a homozy

Where on the mrna does the microrna

Where on the mRNA does the microRNA/RISC complex bind (i.e., coding region, 5' untranslated region, 3' untranslated region) and how often does it typically bind to that mRNA

Why we use scientific names written in latin

Explain: (a) why we use scientific names written in Latin (and sometimes Greek) and (b) the importance of binomial nomenclature in naming organisms. Give examples of three s


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