What is the production efficiency

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100J of energy is stored in the sugars of a plant. 30J is used for respiration. 10J is taken up by the rabbit that eats the plant. What is the production efficiency?

Reference no: EM132279744

Determining if a performance standard is useful

Review the characteristics that often determine whether one has a useful standard. Identify at least 2 of the 6 characteristics that you feel are important to you in determi

People-oriented or a task-oriented leader

Would you consider Woodside a people-oriented or a task-oriented leader? Discuss which type of leader, people-oriented or task oriented, you think would be best for the new

Factors of production will be unrestrained

Factors of production will be unrestrained because each nation uses its own resources. Production resources are constrained because the international supply of resources is mi

Stolen property receipt

Barry is the computer systems manager for a medium sized consulting company. One night Barry is at happy hour at a local bar talking about his job with some people he has just

Create investment criteria for mr johnson

Create investment criteria for Mr. Johnson that will outline what his company will be willing to evaluate for investing. The criteria will be created by you, which will be p

What is the molar concentration

Carbonated cola is more acidic than coffee or even orange juice because cola contains phosphoric acid. What is the molar concentration of H3O+ in a cola that has a pH of 4.240

Different types of purchasing decisions

How do the three different types of purchasing decisions (straight rebuy, modified rebuy, new task) influence the time and effort a buyer might allocate to the different ste

Describe a cultural diversity policy for the firm

Describe a cultural diversity policy for the firm expanding overseas operations. Highlight any differences that might arise in some Middle Eastern countries where a distribu


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